Lynn Valley Stories | Chatting with the Owner of Quoth Paddle Boards

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It can be hard to find a home that offers striking natural beauty, access to incredible outdoor activities, and a tight-knit community that welcomes you with open arms. Lynn Valley has all this and more, making it great for families of all sizes. We caught up with Sacha Hebbert, a Lynn Valley friend and the owner and operator of Quoth Paddle Boards, to get the inside scoop and share her experiences of moving to the area. 


Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 

I moved to Lynn Valley from Ottawa three years ago, ready to change my lifestyle and environment completely.  When exploring the best options for my family, Lynn Valley felt like a natural choice.

There are excellent schools, lots of young families, and mythical children who still play outside!

We own and operate Quoth Paddle Boards and have found Lynn Valley to offer the perfect fit for our personal and business lives. 


What is it that you love about Lynn Valley?

We’ve nestled into a lovely home with one of Lynn’s famous streams running right through the front yard.  My partner Matthew and I are seekers of contemplation and adventure, and we quickly found ourselves exploring the canyon and trails on the regular. This prompted the launch of Quoth Paddle Boards, which embodies our shared personal philosophy about nature. 

We operate our business from our home, and everyone who rents or purchases our boards explicitly understands the kind of lifestyle that Lynn Valley and the North Shore promise.  Folks who come from downtown sigh with relief once they arrive, and say we’re so lucky to live here. We definitely don’t take it for granted!

This is truly one of the last neighbourhoods where you can feel safe and surrounded by Mother Nature! 

On any given day, you’ll likely find us running Quoth from our garage, or promoting, another one of my online companies. Matthew works in Horseshoe Bay and loves the less-than-15-minute commute. 


What little-known secrets can you tell us about the area? 

Our favourite best-kept secret around here is Tommy’s Cafe! It can get busy, so it sometimes looks like the secret may be out, but the volume of people that go through the doors here are predominantly local and regular. There is such a unique charm to this place. Plus, with breakfast pierogi on the menu, it can be hard to stay away for too long! 


Tell us about your business.

Quoth was born from our love of the outdoors and the periods of contemplation that paddleboarding allows. This activity is such a great way to explore and connect with nature while giving you a physical challenge and a complete mental recharge. 

We also grew a little bit tired of the saturated equipment market and found difficulty in marrying durability with ease of transport, so we decided to design our own instead! We sell online, and we are also stocked in 12 dealers across Canada, including multiple Volcom locations. Our valued customers have given great feedback. We are so proud and appreciative of the growth we’ve seen since starting a year ago! 


Thank you, Sacha, for your first-hand account of the area and your experiences. We love that you’ve found the perfect home and wish you the best of luck with your business! 

If you’d like to tell us a story about the area you live in, please get in touch at [email protected]